Taekwondo Activity Book

This activity book is currently unavailable.I am working on expanding the content.

This activity book was created specifically for Taekwondo studios. I created this activity book to help new students

TKD Activity Book Cover

TKD Activity Book Cover

learn about Taekwondo and the Spirit of Excellence.All the basic information students need to make their introduction to Teakwondo easy. Plus the students will enjoy the Taekwondo themed activities.

The activity book is 14 pages and contains the following sheets:

Cover (Which is also a coloring sheet)


Square Game

Word Search

TKD Activity Page

Family Code and Counting in Korean

Counting in Korea

Korean Flag Defined

Crack the Code

How Many Words

Tic Tac Toe

Draw Yourself Doing Taekwondo

Korean Flag

Korean Flag Defined

Write an Acrostic Poem

I Love Taekwondo Coloring Page

Family Code and Tenets of Taekwondo

Belt Color Meanings

If you need a customized activity book please let me know. I know your school may use different tenets, family codes or belt colors.

The activity book will be delivered to you as a PDF via e-mail, within 48 hours, usually sooner.

Activity Pages

Maze and Crack the Code

To purchase your Taekwondo Activity Book for only $10. select the Buy Now button below.


License Agreement

I am offering the license for commercial use of this activity book to your studio. The license entitles you to reproduce the activity book an unlimited amount of times for educational and entertainment use for your current or new students. This license

Activity Sheets

Poem and Draw yourself

doesn’t transfer the right to sell the activity book and I retail all copyrights.

TKD Activity Sheets

How many words and Square Game

TKD Activity Sheets

TKD Word Search and Tic Tac Toe


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