Welcome to October

Welcome to October. There are so many different things going on this month you can’t pick just one thing to concentrate on.

Pumpkins, Spiders and Bats Oh My!

Lesson Plans

We have Fire Safety and Prevention month, animals are busily finishing up their preparations for hibernation and who could forget Halloween. With all these fun things going on I’ve pulled together some fun must reads and lesson plans for the month.
Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow – Mrs. O’Leary had no idea that the lantern she carried out to the barn, that clear October night in 1871, would start the Great Chicago Fire. Discover how it all started, the events that transpired to turn a barn fire into one of the greatest fires in U.S. history.

Inky, the Icky Black Spider – Inky, the icky black spider is on a mission this Halloween night. His mission, to gain entrance to the impenetrable Victorian Manson to procure the mouthwatering candy that is stashed away inside. He’ll use all his spider skills to obtain access to the candy holding facility. But will all his training be enough?
This Flash Fiction Halloween treat for the senses is sure to delight children of all ages.
The Popcorn Ball – For a thousand years the Count and Countess Caramel have hosted the lavish Popcorn Ball at their castle high on a hill. Party guests from all around the land attend this Halloween night delight. Sir P. Nut dances with the Countess, Sir Black Cat purses Madam Mouse, and Count Dracula cuts the rug with the Transylvania Tango. They feast on candy corn cakes and fried chickens feet, and dance the night away. But not everyone likes the Ball. The dark Duke dislikes this candy corn abomination and prefers celebrating all that goes bump in the night. When the Duke arrives to crash the party behind a pack of trick or treating ghouls and goblins, the Count and Duke go toe-to-toe in a Halloween night showdown. Who will prevail in this short story adventure, the Count or the Duke?
Fire Safety and Prevention – Learn the basic of fire safety and prevention in this collection of lesson plans (K-12). There full of fun and educational material your students will love. Each section has information, tips, class activities and outside of class work.
Hibernation – It’s time to go to sleep for many animals when the weather turns cold. Introduce your class to the sleepy world of hibernation. They’ll learn what it is, famous hibernators, how animals get ready for hibernation and more.
Pumpkins, Spiders and Bats, Oh My! – Pumpkins, Spiders, and Bat’s Oh My! in the classroom.(K-12) These favorites of Halloween will scare up some fun while learning math, crafts, art, writing, research skills, listening skills and reading. Also find tips on how to keep those little ghosts and goblins safe on Halloween Night.
You can find these and other titles by visiting my Author Page.
Have a great month of reading and learning.


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