The Activity Books are Now Available

I am so excited about my hand drawn activity books being available. I have been working on getting these

The Solar System

The Solar System

books released for quite some time now. Many of you may remember a few years back that I did have some activity books available, but the distribution system wasn’t working correctly and the books needed to be pulled. Since then I’ve been looking for a distributer to make these books available but there always seemed to be a problem at the distributers end. So I finally took the distribution into my own hands and have made the activity books available here on my blog.

You can view the currently available activity books over on the Activity Book Page. I’ve also included pictures here to give you a taste of what there like.

These activity books arrive to you via e-mail as a PDF. This way you can print as many copies as you need or just one page.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this process.

Holiday Sampler Pack

Holiday Sampler Pack

Have a great day!

Sample Birthday Activity Book

Sample Birthday Activity Book


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