Ten Ways to Raise a Life Long Reader

We have books in almost every room of our house. And the boys have their own “personal library” in their rooms. But this

Summer Sun

Summer Sun

love of reading didn’t just happen for the boys. We as a family, Grandma and Grandpa included, made a conscious effort to make sure we were exposing the boys to reading and modeling good reading behavior. Below I’ve listed ten tips to help you raise a lifelong reader.

Read to or with your child every day, for at least fifteen minutes.

Create a reading routine.

Talk about books you are reading as you read them. Ask your child open ended questions about the plot, setting, and characters.

Show your child you’re a reader. Kids are more likely to grow up loving to read if they see their parents reading.

Surround your child with words, spoken and written. Sing songs, read rhymes and play word games.

Get your child a library card and pick a day for regular visits to the library.

Have books available in every room of your house and car so reading can happen spontaneously.

Help your child find books, magazines and other written materials that relate to a special interest or hobby.

Limit the amount of time your child watches TV, plays video and computer games.

Writing supports reading and vice versa. Have crayons, pens, pencils, and paper available and encourage your child to write.

Reading should never feel like a chore. So have fun with these tips and happy reading.


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