Gear up for the First Day of School

 The first day of school is right around the corner. And it’s time to get the kids geared back up. Looking for some fun and educational ways to get your kids back into the swing of school? Or are you a teacher or homeschooler looking for some lesson plans to get your students off to a great start this school year. Then I love to Read and Write Lesson Plans is what you’re looking for. This pack is chock full of fun activities, stories and lessons to get you moving.

I Love to Read and Writer

Workbook cover for I Love to Read and Write

I Love to Read and Write Lesson Plans and Work Book

I Love to Read and Write is full of activities and exercises for all grade levels (K- 12) Your students will love the short stories in I Love to Read and then they can learn to write their own in I Love to Write. This combo pack is bursting with stories, recipes, games, activities and more.

I Love to Read is reading fun for all grade levels. (K-12) This activity packed book has something for every grade level, short stories, recipes, activities, games and more. Encourage your reluctant readers and propel your other students to the next level. Your students will love these activities all most as much as they love to read

Lesson Plans contained in this book are: Reading and Listening Comprehension (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) (9-12) Includes five short stories with Comprehension quiz’s, Short Story Recipes (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) (9-12) Five recipes inspired by the short stories, Talking about Books and Stories While Reading (K-2) (3-5), Games to Build Reading Skills (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) five fun games, Sequencing (3-5) (6-8) (9-12), Activities to Motivate Readers (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) (9-12) four activities to engage readers, and answer guide.

The short stories contained in this lesson plan are:

Are You My Bumble Bee Family?

A Day at the Dairy Farm

Being Green

The Rainbow Keeper

Terror in the Alley

I Love to Write workbook (K-12) is chock full of writing instruction and tons of exercises and activities. Each exercise builds upon the prior section of work. Depending on the age and ability of your students, this can be an independent study book or a lesson plan to work through with the entire class. Have all your students shouting (in their indoor voices) I Love to Write!

You’ll find the following topics covered in this workbook, Story Structure / Story Arch, Getting to Know Plot. Point of View, Parts of Speech, Metaphors, The Five Senses, First Line Starters and Writing Exercise in Every Section.

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Happy Learning and Welcome to the New School Year.


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