National Bike Month Bike Safety Tips

2011_bicycleMay is National Bike Month. With the weather warming up and more people hitting the streets on their bikes here are some ways to keep yourself safe.

Always wear your helmet. Head injuries cause ¾ of the U.S. bicycle fatalities.

Wear bright colored cloths or a safety vest. Equip your bike with lights and reflective tape.

Share the road. Bicycles are motorists in the eyes of the law. Make sure to follow the rules of the road.

Ride with the flow of traffic. Just like the tip above, bicycles need to travel with the flow of traffic not against it. Remember, in most places, bikes are not allowed on the sidewalks, except for children.

Don’t ride under the influence. Riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol is just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

Make sure your bike is fitted correctly. Riding a bike that is too big or too small for you will affect how well you can ride it. Also take your bike in for regular checkup, just like you would a car.

Following these few simple tips will keep you, and others on the road safe.


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