Happy Anniversary Falling Rock

The Legend of Falling Rock New Cover

The Legend of Falling Rock New Cover

Last week marked the one year publishing anniversary of The Legend of Falling Rock. To celebrate I’ve re-released Falling Rock with a new cover.

If you’re not familiar with Falling Rock here is a short description.

The Legend of Falling Rock

Join Falling Rock in his quest to help his village, in spite of himself. Falling Rock has a small problem and you’ve probably guessed it. He falls down, A lot! But that doesn’t discourage him. Falling Rock has a big heart and he wants to help his people in a big way. He wants to be a great hunter like Eagle Eye and Big Bull but the Elders of the tribe won’t let him join a hunting party for obvious reasons. So Falling Rock is left in the village to help the hunting parties prepare for their journeys just to watch them leave him behind. This does not deter him, what brilliant plan does Falling Rock concoct? What trouble does he get himself into? And does he get himself out?


The Legend of Falling Rock was adapted from bedtime stories my Dad used to tell me when I was a kid. I loved hearing about Falling Rock and all the trouble he would get himself into. His friends, Big Bull and Eagle Eye, were always keeping an eye on Falling Rock to protect him from himself.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I loved writing it.

The Legend of Falling Rock www.amazon.com/dp/B00818DGS6

Happy Anniversary Falling Rock.


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Falling Rock

  1. You are welcome Laura!!  I enjoyed the bedtime stories.   This one I was developed over years of vacations with my parents. 


    Try looking at the hills and mountains at a distance and it is not to hard to imagine that the spaces between the hill tops are really the mouths of sleeping giants.


    When you have six people in the station wagon and you run out of conversation and travel games and songs, it becomes easy to let your imagination room and find the stories hidden in the passing landscape.


    Any way congratulations!!



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