Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to everyone. It’s beautiful here in the Pacific North West this morning. Are you looking for some ways to celebrate Earth Day this week? Here are a few ideas. Also check out my book, Earth Day All Year Long for even more ways you and your family can celebrate the Earth every day. www.amazon.com/dp/B00BUQCR2M

1.      Recycle your old jeans. Old jeans are the number one resold item in thrift stores. People don’t just buy jeans to wear, they also upcycle the denim into new cloths or other items. If jeans are past the point of use or upcycling, donate them anyway, unsellable denim is sold to textile recyclers. So it gets recycled into something else useful.

2.      Have you recently bought new bedding and don’t know what to do with those great heavy plastic bags with zippers bedding comes in? Use those bags for storing your out of season cloths. The bags keep your cloths dry and you can see through the plastic if you need to grab something out of the bag.

3.      Do you enjoy potted plants but not hauling them around? Once you get all the soil in those pots they can get really heavy. A great tip I saw on a DIY show was to use packing peanuts or water bottles. You put the peanuts or bottles at the bottom of the pot to reduce the weight and help with drainage.

I hope these tips have inspired you to look around your world and see how you can affect your environment to make the world a better place for everyone.

Have a great day. I’ll have more tips later this week.

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