How to Celebrate Poetry Month

Here are some great ways to Cultivate Receptivity for Poetry.

Photocopy your favorite poem (your own or someone else’s) and mail it to all your favorite people.

Do a guerilla poetry blitz. Create a “zine” of your poems and make a hundred copies. Be sure to include your e-mail address so people can share their delight with you when they find it. Leave them in cafes, libraries, bookstores, and other public places where they are likely to be found, read and enjoyed.

Host a poetry circle in your home. Combine it with a meal, if you like. Invite friends to spend the evening sharing their favorite poems. Vary this by reading and discussing your own poetry in addition to the work of others.

Create a free poetry stand in your front yard. Get a real estate sign or something similar and install it in your front yard. Instead of house for sale fliers, fill the compartment every week with copies of a different poem. Decorate the sign in a way that makes it clear that you’re offering a gift of poetry to passersby.

Participate in online poetry community
Wild Poetry Forum –
Writing the Life Poetic –

Declare your own National Poetry Writing Month
Write a poem a day. It doesn’t have to be a good poem or a finished poem. Just a poem.

Participate in The Starving Writers Poem a Day Challenge

Read the book – Writing the Life Poetic: An Invitation to Read and Write Poetry by Sage Cohen

Or read my book of Poems, Munchy Crunchy Poems,

What ideas do you have for celebrating Poetry Month?

For more information on my work visit my amazon authors page

Have a great day.


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