Poem a Day Challenge

April is National Poetry Month and what better way to celebrate than writing a poem a day. This challenge is about having fun with poetry. Don’t worry about perfectly finished drafts. Just get rough drafts out daily. You’ll have May to edit them.

Here are some of the highlights

  • You do not have to register anywhere to participate in the challenge.
  • There will be prompts (Which you can use or lump) on the Starving Writer Face book and Blog page.
  • Post your poem drafts to the Starving Writer Blog under the prompt that inspired it. If you chose to lump the prompt simply post to the day you wrote it. You can see my attempts at the prompt on the blog.
  • The challenge will begin April 1st and conclude on May 1st
  • Beginning May 1st edit and revise your poems for submission.
  • June 1st start submitting to magazines and publishers.
  • Let us know when you’ve sold your work.
  • Good Luck and may all your poems be published.

This is a fun and easy way to celebrate Poetry Month. For you teachers out there this is a fun challenge for your students to explore different types of poetry. I have fun every year participating in this challenge. And yes you will be able to see my attempts at writing to the daily prompt on the Starving Writers Blog. If you haven’t been over to the Starving Writer I have the blog and Face Book links below.

For poetry month I have written Jumpstart Your Poetry with Over 1000 Prompts. This book is a great way to find inspiration for your poetry.

Here is the Amazon book page www.amazon.com/dp/B00BWSGUQC

I hope you’ll come and join me on this fun adventure. Have a great day and we’ll see you soon.

The Starving Writer Blog  http://www.thestarvingwriterblog.wordpress.com

The Starving Writer Face Book   www.facebook.com/thestarvingwriterblog


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