Words to Use While Talking About Books

When reading with your child use these seven words to help them understand the components of a book.

  1. Characters – The people or animals in the story. They are who the story is about.
  2. Setting – Where the story takes place. Some stories can have more than one setting.
  3. Events – What happens in the story? Stories have a beginning, middle and end.
  4. Retell – Tell what happened in the story in your own words.
  5. Title – The name of the story.
  6. Author – The person who wrote the story.
  7. Illustrator – The person who drew or painted the pictures.

When using these words with your child they might not understand how to identify these different aspects on their own at first. The more you and your child use these words and identify them in a book, the more proficient your child will become at identifying them on their own. My children started talking about the characters and setting without being prompted. They would retell the story to their father and turn to me and say, “I’m retelling the story to Daddy,” with a huge grin on their face.

Children love to learn. In turn, they love to demonstrate that new learning to you and everyone they know. So grab a book, start reading and discussing it with your child today.

Look for my new book Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten in the coming months.

Have a great week.


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