Five Things You Can Do with Your Kindergartener to Improve Math Skills

Try these five fun activities to help your child improve their math skills. You and your child will have so much fun with these activities they’ll never know there educational.

  1. Count as you do daily activities with your child. Count the number of steps to the basement laundry, how many pieces of mail came, how many plates do you need to set the table?
  2. Give your child a handful of change, and have them sort it into piles for each type of coin. (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) Ask them how many of each coin they have. Have them tell you each coins name and how much it’s worth.
  3. Play board games that involve counting a certain number of spaces or matching numbers.
  4. Talk about the calendar. Make it exciting by looking forward to special days or events. Make it fun for them to count the weeks or days until the day or event. Mark off each day to count down and put a sticker or draw a picture on the day you’re counting down to.
  5. Bake with your child. Read the instructions on the back of the box with your child. Allow them to gather the ingredients and measure them out.

I hope you find these tips helpful. My kindergartener loves doing these and has no clue he’s learning.

Look for my new book Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten in the coming months.

Have a great week.


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