What is the Bulletin?

Education is a fundamental part of our children’s growth and well-being. With programs being cut and personal resources dwindling, it can be difficult to provide a quality education for our children. That is why I created The Bulletin. I believe everyone should have access to quality educational materials.

Each month The Bulletin will feature a different theme for that month’s lesson. The lesson book will cover the curriculum (K-12) for reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and arts and crafts. All presented in a way that makes learning fun and exciting. Each lesson comes as an e-book that is available in nine E-PUB versions so you can conduct your classes how you’d like, and where you want. This book is also available as a printable download.

A subscription to The Bulletin is 100% free. Each month you’ll receive The Bulletin, which will contain a synopsis of that month’s lesson theme, a coupon code and link to receive the book. It’s that simple.

To subscribe, please click on the link below or visit my website.

Link to Subscribe http://forms.aweber.com/form/23/457745723.htm

The December Lesson Plan theme is Winter.


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