Letter From Santa

Do you know a child who would love to get a letter from Santa this year? Well if you do you’re in luck. I have made arrangements with the big guy himself. He’s agreed to write a letter to every child who gets their name submitted.

While Santa and I were having our yearly conversation over peppermint hot chocolate we discussed how he loves receiving all the letters from the children of the world and his typical response is delivering presents on Christmas morning. He would like to send letters back to the children but his schedule is very tight during the holidays. I explained to Santa that children love receiving mail also but they usually never receive anything. So after a couple cups of hot chocolate we figured out a way for Santa to write letters to children who want one and not get behind in his work.

What we came up with is this, I will collect the children’s names and address and submit them to Santa’s Head Administrative Elf. The Elf and Santa will get the letters written and send out the letters in December.

To submit a child’s name for a letter please e-mail me at laurakmarshall@comcast.net  In the subject line write Santa Letter. In the body of the e-mail include the child’s name, and address.

All requests must be received by December 10th to give Santa enough time to write and get the letter sent.

Have a great week.


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