What’s Going On?

I realized this past weekend, while speaking with some people, that they wanted to know what I’d been up to, my new releases and what’s coming soon. So for today’s post I’m going to answer all those questions.

So, what I’ve been up to is writing. I’ve been working on several short stories, the second book in the Amazing but True series, themed lesson plans, and a book on writing. To help my creative writing process I’ve been making crafts for the holidays.

To answer the question, what have I released lately, here’s a list of my resent releases. You can find all my titles on my amazon author page. www.amazon.com/author/laurakmarshall , as always, if you like my author page, please click the like button.

  • Amazing but True – Africa Adventure (YA novella)
  • Fire Safety and Prevention (Lesson Plans K-12)
  • Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow (Short Story)
  • Inky, the Icky Black Spider (Flash Fiction)
  • Pumpkins, Spiders and Bats, Oh My! (Lesson Plans K-12)
  • Preparing Your Families Emergency Kit (Non-Fiction How To)

And here’s what’s coming up

  • Celebrating Thanksgiving (Lesson Plans K-12)
  • Lesson Plans for Winter Title not yet determined
  • Amazing but True – Secret’s Book Two (YA novella)
  • How to Write and Submit Short Stories for Publication (Non-Fiction on Writing)
  • Vacation Boredom Busters (Non-Fiction)

In a very large nutshell, that’s what’s going on. Have a great week.


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