Emergency Preparedness – Special Items

Here we are at the final week. Several weeks ago you were unprepared for an emergency and now, if you’ve been following along, have a kit that will get you through an emergency. Great job.

This week’s list of items not everyone is going to need. These are special need items for you and your family. So look at your life and see what other items you’ll need to make an emergency a bit easier.

This week’s list:

  • Food for special diets (food allergies, religious or medical)
  • Baby food, bottles, formula
  • Diapers (make sure you update the sizes as your baby grows. Size one won’t fit your size four baby)
  • Pet food
  • Leash and pet carrier
  • Items for dentures
  • Extra hearing aids and batteries
  • Feminine hygiene supplies
  • Any other medical or mobility supplies you or your family needs
  • Games and activities to pass the time
  • Books to read
  • Paper road maps in case you need to make an alternate evacuation route from your house

I hope you have found this series helpful and have the beginnings of a preparedness kit that will keep your family safe and well taken care of in an emergency.


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