Week Four Emergency Preparedness Medications and Tools

This week were focusing on medications/pain relief and tools. You’ll need these items to help you get through an emergency.

This week’s list:

  • Pain relievers
  • Fever reducers
  • Anti-gas and anti-diarrhea medication
  • Extra personal prescription medications. This can be a problem since pharmacies are usually restricted from giving extra of a prescription. What I recommend is to refill your prescription on the first day allowed and not wait until the last day. This way you won’t run out. Not having your prescribed medications can make any emergency even worse.
  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • Utility knife or multi-tool
  • Battery –operated hand-crank radio (Don’t skimp on this item. The cheap versions of these don’t work very well or don’t work for long to be reliable in an emergency)
  • Extra batteries
  • Flashlights (Insure you get a decent one of theses as well. Having a good reliable flashlight will make everyone feel better in the dark.)
  • Heavy duty work gloves (Consider getting gloves for everyone in your family)
  • Disposable dust mask (work with any dust, ash or severe weather situation)
  • Fire extinguisher (You should have one on each level of your home plus one in your emergency kit. Make sure everyone knows how to use them as well)
  • Duct tape (the ultimate tool, it’s the answer to everything)

These items are more expensive than previous weeks but in the long run it’s better to get these items now than try to find them once an emergency hits, when everyone else is trying to find them.)


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