Emergency Preparedness Series Week 1

Welcome to my new series. Over the next six weeks I’ll share items you’ll need in your emergency preparedness kit to keep your family safe and comfortable in case of an emergency. Many of the items you may already have in your home, others you’ll need to purchase.

This week’s items are:

Two boxes of large plastic zip bags to keep things organized and water proof.

Two rolls of aluminum foil for cooking.

Two boxes of heavy duty garbage bags for sanitation, garbage, and shelter building.

Water (one gallon per person, per day for three days) Don’t forget about your pets also.

Granola Bars with a long shelf life.


Canned Fruit (enough for each person in your family for three days)

Canned Vegetables (again enough for three days) Also make sure you purchase vegetables your family will actually eat.

Four to Five cans of Canned Meat. There are a lot of varies of canned meat to choose from.

One manual can opener.

Large portable tote or box with a lid to store everything.

Remember when purchasing food to check the expiration date. It doesn’t do your family much good if the food is expired in your emergency kit. You’ll want the expiration date at least six months to a year out.

Have fun this week collecting the beginnings of your families’ emergency preparedness kit.


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