This week were going on an expedition to explore the world around us.

Explore your library

This week when you go to the library don’t go strait to your favorite section. Wonder around and see what’s there. What new sections are you discovering? Pick up the books in your newly found sections and see if they interest you. What new places are you discovering? What programs is the library offering during the summer or are coming up in the fall? Do you have your own library card? If not, go to the checkout desk and sign up for one.

Take a Neighborhood Walk

Take a walk around your neighborhood, but walk in a different direction than your normal route. If you take a left at so and so street, take a right and so forth. How many new things have you discovered? After your walk create a log of all your new discoveries, draw pictures of them and write about them. Share your discoveries with your family and friends. You never know what you’re going to discover. We found a small park down a street we had never gone down. So have fun and be safe.

Explore Your Backyard

You probably know your backyard really well, but take a look at your backyard like a naturalist. What new things can you find? For this I suggest having a notebook and at least a pen or pencil to write or draw your discoveries. Things to look for, animals, birds, insects, plants, rocks, you get the idea. If it’s in your backyard it’s game.

Explorer Parfaits

What you’ll need:

1 5 oz box of pudding mix

1 tub whip cream


Fresh or frozen fruit

4 Clear plastic cups, standard size (you want to see the layers)

How to make:

Make the pudding per the directions on the box

Fill the bottom third of each cup with pudding.

Then make a layer of granola, then fruit, then whip cream.

Repeat each layer. Make sure to finish with whip cream.

Place in refrigerator to chill for about an hour, and enjoy.

Remember while you’re out exploring to take a bottle of water with you. Dehydration isn’t any fun.

Have a great week exploring.


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