Art in the Yard

This week I’m bring you art for your yard. Since it’s getting pretty hot outside now here’s a few things you can do inside. When it cools down in the evening you can put your newly created art in the yard to enjoy.


Alphabet Rocks

What you’ll need:

Stick on letters

Smooth unpolished rocks, like river rocks or landscaping rocks

Acrylic Paints

Paint Brush


How to make:

Attach a letter sticker to your rock and paint over it and around with bright colors. This will create a solid look or pattern.

Let the paint dry for several minutes, then carefully remove the sticker.

Let the paint completely dry before putting out side.

Make as many as you need to spell out words or your name.

It’s that simple.


Another fun thing you can do is create your own pictures. Make designs and crazy shapes on the rocks and arrange out in the garden.


Raffia Tree Ornaments

What you’ll need:

12 inch inflatable beach ball



100 yard spool of raffia, any color

White craft glue

Plastic spoon

Shallow plastic bowl


How to make it:

Inflate the ball and tightly plug the valve.

Attach a long piece of twine near the valve. Suspend the ball over a table covered in newspaper.

Cut the raffia into 20 -25 yard long pieces.

Mix equal parts glue and water in the bowl.

Dip a strand of the raffia into the glue mixture, squeeze off excess glue mixture, and wrap around ball, making sure you’re rotating the string around the ball.

Repeat with other strands. Overlap the strands and crisscross them around the ball, until the ball is covered.

Hang over night to dry over newspaper.

When dry, deflate the ball and carefully remove it from the center of the raffia ball.

You now have a tree ball.



Fun Holidays this week:

Aug 1st – US Air Force Day

3rd – Watermelon Day

4th – Chocolate Chip Day

5th – Friendship Day

National Kids Day


Have a great week.


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