Backyard Olympics

Friday is the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. It’s so exciting to watch the sports and cheer for the athletes. It’s also fun to go out with the kids and have your own Olympic games in the back yard or local park. So let the games begin.


Obstacle Course

This is always a fun game, incorporating several sporting events in one.

This course has four stations. At the completion of each station the athlete must run to the next station. You can either time each athlete or have a straight race. I prefer timing each participant, that way each player has an opportunity to get highest time. Have a piece of paper to write down each athletes name and time. Have the score sheet up on a clip board so everyone can see it.

Here are the stations:

Sack Race – Depending on the age of the athletes decide how long the track will be and mark it off with painters tape. I recommend 5 – 10. Each participant hops in there sack to the end and back.

Bean Bag Toss – Using different containers from around the house set up the containers at varying heights, or you can use a five gallon bucket. Determine how many bean bags the athlete must get in the container to proceed to the next station. If you don’t have been bags, try small balls or water balloons.

Hula Hoop Twist – There are two variations on this station depending on the age of children and how many hula hoops you have.

#1 – Have one hoop and each athlete must hula the hoop x many times or for a certain period of time.

#2 – Have five hoops and connect them together in the Olympic rings pattern. Each athlete must make there way through the hoops. Over the head and step out of each.

Then on to the next station.

Spray Bottle Shoot – For this you’ll need to set up a target and have several spray bottles. Set the distance from the target based on athlete’s age. Closer for younger and farther away for the older participants. Each athlete must hit the target to move on.

Then run for the finish line.

The obstacle course is fun to play in teams, kids against adults, boys against girls or mixed teams. The point is to have fun.


Lawn Bowling

What you’ll need:

12 – empty one liter soda bottles (if you don’t have twelve, go with what you have)

1 – Soccer or basketball


What to do:

Fill the soda bottles with water for weight

Set them us like bowling pins

Determine a distance from where to throw/roll ball

Roll or throw ball at the pins

Receive a point for each pin you knock down

Each person gets two tries per turn

Each person/team takes 10 turns, going back and forth

Which ever person/team with the most points wins


This is fun to play one on one or in teams.


Make medals for your athletes

The Olympic Games aren’t complete without medals. Here’s a fun and easy way to make them.

What you’ll need:

Thin cardboard

Tin foil (silver and gold)

Ribbon or yarn


What to do:

Cut circles out of the cardboard. Make them what ever size you like.

Cover each circle in tin foil. You can decorate with glitter or stickers.

Punch a hole through top of medal.

Thread ribbon or yarn through hole.

Let dry, if decorated.

Present to the athletes.

Note – Gold tin foil is usually found in single sheets for making baked potatoes.


Present medals for highest score, best times, best spirit, ect.


Go for the Gold Trail Mix

What you’ll need:

1 (15 ounce) box of Fruit Loops

1 (15 ounce) bag of mini pretzel twists

1 pound bag of M&M’s plain

1 box Raisins

1 can salted peanuts

Mix all ingredients together and serve in an airtight container.


Make sure you have plenty of water available for your athletes and time to rest. Also don’t forget sunscreen.


Fun holidays for this week:

24th – Tell an Old Joke Day

25th – Merry-Go-Round Day

27th – Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies

28th – National Milk Chocolate Day

29th – Lasagna Day

Rain Day


Have a great week.


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