Nerds and Geeks Unite

Here are the fun holidays for this week. There isn’t a lot going on but we can still have fun.

23rd – National Taffy Day

World Turtle Day

25th – Nerd Pride Day or Geek Pride day

Towel Day

27th – Indianapolis 500

For all you nerds and geeks out there, May 25th is your day. This day was established to celebrate everything that you are. Get together with your fellow nerds and geeks and celebrate. Dust off those classic Sci Fi movies, network your computers and have an impromptu LAN Party, this is your day. My husband will be celebrating this day with on-line gaming with his circle of friends. So have fun with this day.

I will be celebrating Towel Day by watching Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the book and movie is what inspired this holiday.

So let your inner nerd or geek free and have some fun.

The Indianapolis 500 is running on the 27th. This is one of the biggest races in racing. Leading up to the race if you want to do some race related reading I suggest you check out Lisa Nowak’s book Driven. This is the third installment in the Full Throttle Series but you don’t need to read the other books to understand what’s going on in Driven. Check out the book at the links below.”>Buy it on Amazon”>Buy it on Barnes and Noble”>Buy it on Smashwords

Have a great week.


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