Short Story Release

I am proud to announce the release of three short stories from Wooden Tulip Press. All stories are available on all e formats. You can sample 20% of each of the stories for free to see how you like them.

Receive a free download of The Legend of Falling Rock with the below coupon code. Enter the code prior to completing checkout. If you like the story please write a review to let everyone know how you like it.

The releases are:

The Legend of Falling Rock

Book page to sample or purchase coupon code PW77X

Join Falling Rock in his quest to help his village, in spite of himself. Falling Rock has a small problem and you’ve probably guessed it. He falls down, A lot! But that doesn’t discourage him. Falling Rock has a big heart and he wants to help his people in a big way. He wants to be a great hunter like Eagle Eye and Big Bull but the Elders of the tribe won’t let him join a hunting party for obvious reasons. So Falling Rock is left in the village to help the hunting parties prepare for their journeys just to watch them leave him behind. This does not deter him, what brilliant plan does Falling Rock concoct? What trouble does he get himself into? And does he get himself out?


Book page to sample or purchase

Count Lackheart hates the Nomerovians, with their lush green rolling hills and happy sappy dispositions; he even disliked their cheerful cloths. As much as he dislikes the Nomerovians in general, the Count couldn’t stand Prince Gustav. The Nomerovians happiness was too much for the Counts dark soul. He wants to be rid of them forever. What evil deeds will the Count devise to be rid of the Nomerovians forever?

Mystery of the Disappearing Trash

Book page to sample or purchase

Late at night, someone or something, is sneaking around the town of Drivelmort. No one had a clue until Ed’s pile of trash disappeared one night. Who in the world would want their trash? Ed and his neighbor Stan set out who their mysterious guest is. Follow the clues to discover the mystery of the disappearing trash.

Smashwords Author Profile:

I hope you enjoy the stories. Please let me know what you think.



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