October 30th Pre Halloween Fun


There are several wonderful things to celebrate today.

Checklist Day

Oh the noble checklist. We all use them but do we ever really appreciate them? Well here is your chance. Appreciate your checklists today. Don’t only create one, finish one. Fell the satisfaction of a job well done thanks to your check list.


Haunted Refrigerator Day

Dare you venture in to the depths of your refrigerator. The foil covered mounds on the lower shelves. The “thing” inside the container you meant to take to lunch who knows how long ago. Enter if you dare.


National Candy Corn Day

Now this is a holiday I can get behind. Who doesn’t like candy corn, really? Deep down we all love it. Even though Candy Corn is at its peek of popularity around Halloween we can enjoy it all year long. It comes in an array of colors even though we keep the orange, yellow and white ones close to our hearts.

Candy Corn was invented in the 1880’s by George Renninger and began mass production at the turn of the century by the Goelitz Candy Company.  Candy corn consists primarily of corn syrup, honey and sugar but it’s fat free so eat as much as you like.

I for one am bringing a big bag of Candy Corn in to work today. (Yes I work on Saturdays) for my co-workers to enjoy. Even the cranky one we celebrated a couple of days ago.

Have a wonderful Candy Corn Day.


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