Make a Differnce Day

Make a Difference Day


October 23rd is the 20th anniversary of Make a Difference Day. Do you want to make a contribution to your community? Well this is the day to start. Wondering where to start? That’s an easy question to answer. Ask yourself what matters to you and you will find your starting point to making a difference.

My family is number one on my list and that is where I’ve always started with my looking. For this Make a Difference Day Myself, Jason (my husband) and my parents (Piet and Doreen) will be volunteering at my son Parkers school for Bingo Night. Parker and Aiden will be participating in the games. Bingo night helps raise money for the school to maintain programs that may have been cut if parents and the community didn’t want to make a difference.

So look around your world and see where you can make a difference.


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