What Fun This Week

I’ve been working on several writing projects in the recent months. One project that I’ve been working on in conjunction with event planning for a local restaurant chain is fun, silly and bazaar holidays. It has been so much fun researching and writing about these little known days.

What I think will be even more fun is sharing them with all of you. Each week I’ll select a few of my favorites to post.

Here are my selections for the week of September 20th.

Sept 21st Miniature Golf Day

That’s right Miniature Golf Day. Who doesn’t like miniature golf? With the castle and windmill, all the twist, turns and crazy obstacles, the score that is 50% luck but you’re sure it’s 100% skill.

This sport is for everyone, young, old, singles and families. You can’t help but have fun when your miniature golfing.

I’m still trying to figure out why this amazing summer sport has its official day in late September but who cares. Throw on a sweeter and hit the course.

Sept 22nd Dear Diary Day

Have you been neglecting your old diary or been meaning to start one? Well today is your day. Dear Diary Day is a great day to get a fresh book and start.

Thinking that writing in your diary is a little 1950’s well journaling is the new hot term for this long tradition of writing down your thoughts. So if it makes you feel more modern then today is Journaling Day.

What ever you want to call it writing down your feelings and experiences is very clearing. You can write your joys and frustrations down in a place where only you will see them. Getting things out of your system helps you move on and not dwell. It gives you space for new opportunities.

Also on this day

National White Chocolate Day

White chocolate didn’t hit the candy universe until the 1950’s when it was introduced by the Mars Company. White chocolate isn’t actually chocolate it’s made up of sugar, cocoa butter and milk solids, but I won’t hold that against it.

Celebrate White Chocolate Day by whipping up a white chocolate treat of your own.

Sept 24th Love Note Day

You don’t need to wait until Valentines Day to tell that special someone you love them. Love Note Day is your opportunity to step back from your busy every day life and send a note to the one you love. Now I suggest you actually send a note on paper, a sticky note, write it on a napkin and tuck it in a lunch box, maybe even tape it to the fridge. For you techies out there you could text a message but I don’t think that will achieve the same effect as paper and pen.

Sept 25th Fish Amnesty Day

This holiday comes to us from PETA. This is their protest against National Hunting and Fishing Day, which is also today. If you’re a near-vegetarian who hasn’t given up seafood this is your opportunity to go all the way.

I just love the idea of giving a fish amnesty. So today when you go out to lunch skip the fish and chips and have a burger. Unless you’re a vegetarian have a Spicy Anasai Bean Burger. The fish will thank you.

That’s all for this week J


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